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What makes Icelandic Whisky so different.

The world is full of whisky. You can find whisky in almost every continent. America, Scotland, Japan India, New Zealand and Australia to name a few. Most European countries have whisky. So why should you spend any amount of money on a little know Icelandic distillery.

There are, like most things in life, multiple layers to this question.

The first is the location. Iceland, a place of spectacular beauty, generous and friendly people, and fantastic food and drinks. Eimverk is the first distillery in Iceland to produce whisky. It is not on an industrial scale, it doesn't have the eye candy of an old Scottish distillery. It doesn't have the market presence of an American commercial distillery. However it has a family value, and a homeliness that escapes most places. It doesn't feel big and industrial, it isn't trying to be something it's not. Its a small distillery in a small country, but it has more than most people cold imagine.

It is completely organic, the distillery grows their own barley, the water is Icelandic, and the whole process is organic and fresh.

Because they use their own barley, it means that this whisky ends up with a very distinctive taste. Consider that the growing season in Iceland is relatively short, however the days are very long. This results in a barley that is very distinctive, and hence that makes the whisky very distinctive, and very unique. This is a whisky full of flavour, sweetness, distinct to each individual who drinks it.

If you want to try a whisky that takes you on a literal journey to another country, this is the one for you.


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