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Offering Scandinavian & Boutique Whisky

-   ABOUT US  -

Sigrún was a name of one of the nine Valkeryies, her name is derived from sigr 'victory' and rún 'secret'. Sigrún Whisky brings the secret of Scandinavian whisky to Australia, it is about taking a path less traveled to new whiskies from a unique selection of distilleries in Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. This range allows for those to experiment in whisky from well established historical distilleries in Scotland, to exciting new emerging distilleries from Iceland, Sweden, Denmark & Finland. 


Sigrún Whisky will apologes in adavance, we are not here to compete with the larger stores or the bulk buyers. We are here to find limited amount of small batch whisky from Scandanavia and Boutique whisky from other regions. We aim to put you on a path you may not have considered before when it comes to whisky.

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