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Sweden, one of the world’s purest water, filtered to perfection since the Ice Age. The distillery is located next to a boulder with constant access to the crystal clear waters. Mackmyra's Swedish barley develops a special sweetness during the long summer days, a sweetness that has become one of the cornerstones of Mackmyra whisky. A large part of Mackmyra whisky is stored in new Swedish oak. The Swedish oak grows slowly in the harsh climate and gives the whisky a harsher flavour than American oak. The whisky gets a fiery spice balanced by sweetness similar to caramelized sugar. Mackmyra also produces seasonal limited whiskies with unique characteristics. 

The Spirit of Hven distillery was founded in 2008, becoming the third pot-still distillery in Sweden and the smallest pot-still distillery in the world. Hven also known as Ven or the green island is located in the Öresund Strait between Denmark and Sweden, with a population of about 400 people. The small island produces single malt Swedish whisky, meanwhile, it's distinct name and design has it standing out along with it's unique spirit.


63° North is where you will find High Coast distillery, previously known as Box Distillery. More precisely in the remote, north of Sweden. In this rugged landscape, on the shores of the mighty Ångermanälven river. Fed by the rivers’ crystal clear, chilled water, the distillery experiences wide temperature variations on a daily and yearly scale – temperature variations that ensure that the whisky goes through a unique savouring process as it matures. These qualities lend the Single Malt a singular character – character that is enhanced by a traditional distilling method that takes no shortcuts and makes no compromises. 

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