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Eimverk was founded in 2009 and is focused on making premium Icelandic Single Malt Whisky, using locally grown organic Icelandic barley.

Reykjavík, Iceland. 



Eimverk Distillery is a family company, the family has for decades had a hobby interest in brewing and distilling, and in recent years seeing success and growth in barley production in Iceland we came to the obvious conclusion that a good Icelandic whiskey was needed.

Our products are the results and achievement of five years of research, which began on the kitchen counter in early 2008, using and developing a recipe based only on organic Icelandic barley and Icelandic water.

We gradually moved our work from the kitchen, through garage and finally opened the distillery in early 2011 with recipe number 164 of Flóki in hand.  

In addition to making Flóki whisky we now also make VOR Gin and Víti Icelandic Akvavit,  both based on the same double distilled base as Flóki with added local herbs in the 3rd distillation. You can find out more about this at

Today our distillery has a capacity of about 30k liters per year but we are expanding to 60 or 90k this year, due to demand.

We are today selling and bottling Vor Gin,  Víti akaviti and Flóki Young malt; Flóki Single Malt will be bottled in 2016 and we will have sheep dung smoked young malt in November this year, followed by sheep dung smoked single malt in 2017.

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