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A visit to Stauning distillery and the surrounding area, you will discover this is authentic, from the weather and the wind, to the old fisherman's wharf and right into the heart of our distillery. That is what Stauning is about; Uncompromised, traditionally handcrafted Whisky of the finest quality.

 In 2009, the Fary Lochan dream came true when whiskydestilleriet Fary Lochan was established on December 18 the same year. It is truly a unique whiskey distillery! Unique because of its size. Unique because of its high quality. Unique because of its good craftsmanship. Unique because of its idyllic location. Unique because of its fascinating history.  

Fary Lochan produce 4 variants. They call them "the four seasons". The taste is round and soft in all variants - including those with smoke. And Fary Lochan are 100% inside for taste, quality and a good story.  

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