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Sheep Dung Smoked Reserve is a truly unique smoked malt. Using old traditional Icelandic smoking styles using sheep dung to smoke the barley.

For centuries, Icelanders used this smoking method to preserve food and heat houses;  to this day it is used for traditional food preparation and Icelandic malt crafting. 

The result is truly a unique whisky with a complex flavor profile. Sweet smoky notes compliment the intense flavor of the Icelandic barley and a rich, lingering aftertaste that brings you back to the farm you worked on decades ago.

This young malt is handcrafted and produced from 100% Icelandic barley, and smoked using traditional Icelandic methods and materials. It is a single barrel whisky aged in selected new oak barrels for 2 years under the base of mount Hekla.

Flóki - Smoked Young Malt

SKU: 5694310860581
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