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This single malt whisky has been crafted from a vatting of the distillery’s oldest 1st fill American Oak ex-bourbon casks. 


The expression has been crafted to Bimber’s rigorous standards. The spirit was produced from the distillery’s single farm barley and malted on a dedicated floor at Warminster Maltings before being fermented for seven days in bespoke, on-site constructed American oak washbacks. Distillation took place in Bimber’s customised alembic pot stills which possess an increased copper surface area, and produces a fruit-forward, textural and layered new make spirit.


Following maturation, each cask was disgorged into the distillery’s in-house constructed American oak marrying vat for a period of resting. During this resting cycle the complexities of each individual cask mingle, creating an ensemble which possesses balance and depth whilst retaining the character of Bimber’s distinctive spirit.

Bimber Ex Bourbon Cask Batch no.4

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