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Stauning distillery is located near the west coast of Denmark. Though one cannot say it is the heart of Denmark, the location is not a random choice. The small village of Stauning is only a 10 minute walk from the distillery. The history of the village and the support from the local community is very much reflected in their Whisky.  Stauning also happen to have some of the finest water you can get. All of this makes Stauning the perfect location for distilling the finest Whisky, using locally produced barley, rye and peat. Every process takes place in-house at Stauning whisky. When you visit the distillery and the surrounding area, you will discover this is authentic, from the weather and the wind, to the old fisherman's wharf and right into the heart of the distillery. That is what Stauning is about; Uncompromised, traditionally handcrafted Whisky of the finest quality.

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